AirPleasure, the Swiss brand with shield and wing!

The shield symbolizes protection - The wing stands for feathery motion.

With our AirPleasure products you won’t just have a good looking eye catcher. In addition to  that you will enjoy the upcoming airstream almost unfiltered at any speed whilst your outdoor activities!

Our fascination, joy and passion which we share with our motorcyclists for example has led us to fill this specific gap with groundbreaking designed protective clothing.

Futuristic, technically modern designs aren’t just visually an eye catcher: for ideal and safe protection several products have been strengthened with high quality DuPont™ Kevlar® inner lining.

The processed DuPont™ Kevlar® fabrics have, to refer to its weight, the highest specific tensile strength of all commercially available fibers (fabrics) on the market. This sensational material offers everything on the whole: heat, tear, friction and abrasion protection!

The customer should feel comfortable with our products. To guarantee an outstanding appearance all individual designs have been specifically coordinated and ensure you a perfect combined outfit at any time.

We put our main attention on the essential emotions and the driving experience: you as adrenaline junkie will be able to fully enjoy your outdoor activities completely unfiltered. Compared to other available conventional protective clothing on the market with our products you almost won’t feel them while wearing.

By specifically incorporated safety features and highlighting essential factors, such as freedom and enjoyment during your journey, with our AirPleasure products you will be able to achieve maximum driving pleasure on your bike.

AirPleasure is your athlete in the protective clothing industry.

This is AirPleasure - this is what we stand for:

  • safety
  • speed
  • freedom
  • customer focus
  • enjoyment
  • professionalism
  • quality awareness
  • agility
  • ease
  • technology
  • sportiness