About us

Corinne Wiegand
Senior Sales & Marketing Manager

Through the successful combination of outstanding Swiss quality standards and attractive design, the product represents precision and reliability, which correspond to my own values. Therefore, I want to set a clear focus on innovation and quality, which will undoubtedly help to attract the attention of potential customers in terms of sales.

In addition, I am motivated by the use and sale of the innovative DuPont™ Kevlar® materials in our AirPleasure products, which further increase competitiveness in the market.


Dallel Idri-Maamri
Production & Technology Manager

For more than ten years now, I have been working as a qualified cutting technician in Zurich with many designers and have realized many different collections. I have been highly committed to AirPleasure since the first prototype in 2015. Our customers really appreciate the quality and innovation with which we realize our AirPleasure products.


Mehmet Kizilirmak
Founder & CEO

After a long search for my ideal outfit for biking, I decided to create something new and innovative myself. What did I want as a biker? To enjoy as much freedom as possible with the feeling of the oncoming wind without completely sacrificing protection. This is also what AirPleasure embodies; lightweight and innovatively designed protective clothing for your outdoor activity.