Have you ever wished for perfect clothes especially for your outdoor activities during hot temperatures?

As an example: we always observe confident biker who fall back on conventional and unprotected t-shirts. It is an indescribable, relieving experience to feel the upcoming airstream onto your body and thus enjoy the passion without any limitation.

After these experiences or because he doesn’t know AirPleasure yet, the biker will of course want to take the huge risk over and over again.

This is exactly where AirPleasure steps in:

Our main products are top quality shirts, strengthened with Kevlar® fabric. The material Kevlar® has, referring to its weight, the highest specific tensile strength of all commercially available fibers (fabrics). The used Kevlar® textiles in our AirPleasure products offer fire, cut and abrasion protection. Selected t-shirts can be additionally equipped with certified protectors.

Before launching a new AirPleasure shirt, several prototypes will be tested and further developed until the individual product is realized which will finally reach our ambitious quality goals.

In addition to AirPleasure shirts we offer technically high quality, outstandingly designed Kevlar® pants and leather jackets for our customers.

Would you like to experience the AirPleasure feeling, too? For AirPleasure every customer is something special, give us the opportunity to prove!


We supply as long as we have in stock. Sold out items which are currently not available can be added to your wishlist. After confirming this wishlist we will let you know when the individual item is back in stock.

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Showing 1–12 of 14 results