BUNKER Light Shirt

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Watch out!

Our BUNKER Light Shirt is the uncompromising, lightweight star beneath the AirPleasure Light Shirts: Style combined with safety, air and freedom gives you the ultimate kick! You want to stand out compared to other drivers? Then you won’t come around this uniquely developed BUNKER Light Shirt!

The innovative design is remarkable; we were keen on the ergonomic best-suited protectors. The special certified SAS-TEC protectors which lay perfectly onto your body, due to high-quality manufactured rubber bands, increase your safety during activities in which impact protection on the shoulders, elbow and back protectors is required.


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  • High quality Greuter Jersey-outer material
  • SAS-TEC protectors certified to EN 1621-1: 2012 and EN 1621-2: 2014 for impact protection on the shoulders, elbows and the back
  • Built-in rubber bands on shoulder blade and rib height for perfect pressure on the back protector
  • 1 back protector, 1 pair of shoulder protectors and 1 pair of elbow protectors are included within
  • Handcrafted
  • SwissMade Quality



Caution – Please note:

This AirPleasure product has been developed to offer the carrier a new and airy alternative to conventional protective garments. Security with the AirPleasure-typical added value “pleasure” results through the targeted use of high-quality protective materials such as protectors.

Be aware that even wearing conventional protective clothing does not protect you against consequences in case of negligent and exaggerated driving.

(This product was published on 19.08.2017)


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